ACN President & Co-Founder

Greg Provenzano is President and Co-Founder of ACN Inc., the world’s largest direct selling telecommunications service provider. Greg is a born entrepreneur with a very successful career in business and network marketing – a career over 20 years in the making. He began in the field of network marketing in 1984 on the ground floor of a national company. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Sales Manager, followed by Regional Vice President and then Senior Vice President in 1989. He overrode a large sales organisation, and though he built an extremely successful business, at the end of the day he felt frustrated with the industry and personally unfulfilled. He left that company and sold another business to follow his dream at ACN.

In 1993, Greg Provenzano along with the other Co-Founders formed ACN. Through his leadership, Greg helped grow ACN into the success story it is today, operating in 19 countries on three continents. Today, Greg remains actively involved in the company, and plays a vital role in the management of its day-to-day business operations.

In addition to overseeing the direction of the company, Greg’s role was, and continues to be, the motivator of the distribution force. In fact, Greg’s own personal attention to the company and distribution channel has ensured its continued success. Together with founders Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz, Greg provides ongoing leadership, motivation and training to a sales force of thousands.

Greg Provenzano’s high standards begin with himself. When it comes to work ethic, preparation and the time he puts into his business, he demands more of himself than anyone. As a leader, he is always willing to do more than he expects others to do.

  • Greg Provenzano served as a senior vice president of a national marketing company and led a large sales organization; was responsible for recruiting, training and motivating personnel
  • Left his business in 1992 and was instrumental in the formulation of ACN
  • Works closely with ACN representatives and executive staff

ACN was built on principles that will not be compromised: Integrity, a commitment to giving back and the promise to put the needs of the IBOs and customers above all else.

ACN’s core values