ACN Chairman & Co-Founder

Robert Stevanovski is Co-Founder and Chairman of ACN Inc., the world’s largest direct selling telecommunications service provider. After entering the network marketing arena in the late 1980s, Robert held senior positions with two highly successful marketing companies. These experiences positioned him as one of the driving forces behind the formulation of ACN. Robert has worked hard from the beginning, investing his own time and money to make a name for ACN in this highly competitive field. His leadership training began at a young age as he witnessed his workaholic father run their family’s restaurant business. He learned how to work with employees, vendors and customers – skills he continues to use to this day. He also learned that to be a great leader you must understand the position of those you wish to lead.

With over 20 years experience in the network marketing arena, Robert Stevanovski has become a vital player in managing ACN’s day-to-day business operations, while also playing an integral role in ACN’s product expansion and European operations. In fact, Robert personally spearheaded the building of ACN’s own VoIP network and pushed for the latest technology in video phones. He knows that the days of talking to someone on the phone and not seeing them are coming to an end. In the future, everyone will have a video phone.

In addition to his daily operational duties, Robert is a distinguished ACN Board Member.

His success has not slowed him down but rather encouraged Robert to continually reevaluate himself and his company. He constantly strives to be better and encourages others to work hard in relentless progression toward greater success.

  • Managed several businesses throughout the 1980s, directly influencing growth and expansion
  • Held senior positions with two highly successful direct selling companies
  • One of the driving forces behind the formulation of ACN and a vital player in managing the company’s day-to-day business operations

ACN was built on principles that will not be compromised: Integrity, a commitment to giving back and the promise to put the needs of the IBOs and customers above all else.

ACN’s core values