ACN began as the vision of four ambitious entrepreneurs from Michigan who came together to form a direct selling company based on solid ethics and a fair compensation plan - important aspects they hadn't found in other companies. It was this dream for something better that led to the start of ACN.

By combining their mutual vision and a focused marketing strategy with a lifetime of network marketing experience, they have grown ACN into what it is today. Today, ACN’s Co-Founders are more actively involved than ever, and each plays a vital role in the management of ACN’s day-to-day business operations worldwide.

Greg Provenzano is President and Co-Founder of ACN Inc. In 1993, Greg Provenzano along with the other Co-Founders formed ACN. Through his leadership, Greg helped    grow ACN into the success story it is today, operating in 19 countries on three   continents. Today, Greg remains actively involved in the company, and plays a vital       role in the management of its day-to-day business operations.

Robert Stevanovski is Co-Founder and Chairman of ACN Inc. With over 20 years experience in the network marketing arena, Robert Stevanovski has become a vital player in managing ACN’s day-to-day business operations, while also playing an integral role in ACN’s product expansion and European operations.

Mike Cupisz is Vice President and Co-Founder of ACN Inc. Mike’s primary focus is on international growth and expansion as he works to train and support representatives in ACN’s current countries as well as prepare the groundwork for expansion into future countries.

Tony Cupisz is Vice President and Co-Founder of ACN Inc. Tony is heavily involved in the overall direction and vision of the company. He spends a tremendous amount of time working with and mentoring key ACN leaders as well as up and coming leaders.

ACN was built on principles that will not be compromised: Integrity, a commitment to giving back and the promise to put the needs of the IBOs and customers above all else.

ACN’s core values