Truth: Direct selling provides a level playing field. It doesn’t matter when you start a direct selling business, you have the same opportunity to build a successful business as someone who started years prior. In fact, most direct selling companies improve over time, making the products, services and business opportunities better today than ever before. 

Truth: Direct selling provides an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life and all backgrounds to build a business of their own. While many stay at home parents start their business on a part time basis to help bring in some extra income, a number of direct sellers work the business full time. The industry is filled with former business professionals, traditional business owners, former professional athletes, doctors, lawyers and much more.  

Truth: Direct selling was the original social network, way before Facebook. What retailers and big box stores lack in customer service and relationship building, direct sellers excel at, providing a personal one-on-one shopping experience. With the rise of social selling and social media, direct sales are more relevant today than ever before.

Truth:  While many people begin a direct selling business on a part time basis with the hope of supplementing their income each month, a number of direct sellers operate their business in a full-time way to support their family. Both are Entrepreneurs; someone who organizes and manages a business, usually with considerable initiative. 

Truth: Pyramid schemes are illegal. Yes, there are pyramid schemes out there, but direct selling is a legitimate and legal way for entrepreneurial-minded people to build a business for themselves but not by themselves. The main difference in a legitimate direct selling company as compared to a pyramid scheme is how the company compensates its sales force. Direct selling companies compensate based on the sale of real products and services to real customers. A pyramid scheme compensates based on recruitment, and in most cases there is no real product and no actual customers are acquired. 

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